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Source: Chess Coaching in Dubai UAE (Entered by Chess Class24x7)
Servings: Chess Coaching in Dubai UAE
Ingredient keywords: Chess
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Green Lemonade

This is a juicing recipe that can be changed up to suit what you have on hand. The lemon cuts the “green” taste. Romaine and/or celery’s mild flavor balances the strong flavors in the Kale. Cabbage, collard greens etc can be used in place of the Kale. My 6 year old granddaughter will drink this.

Vegetarian! Vegan!
Source: "The Raw Food Detox Diet" by Natalia Rose (Entered by Alecia Mills)
Servings: Makes 1 serving
Ingredient keywords: Romaine, Kale, Apples, Lemon, Ginger
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Honey Baked Ham

This is a nice way to use our perfect sized uncured hams. I found the recipe online and tries it out. It was fantastic.

Source: modified from (Entered by Brady Bala)
Servings: based on ham size 6-8
Ingredient keywords: ham, honey, pepper
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Tropical Sun
This drink is a great nutritional boost in the morning that tastes great. Bok choy goes great with the oranges and pineapple and is considered to be a negative calorie food by its ability to facilitate the burning of calories.
Vegetarian! Vegan!
Source: "The Healthy Green Drink Diet" by Jason Manheim (Entered by Alecia Mills)
Servings: 1 serving
Ingredient keywords: Bok, Orange, Pineapple, Banana
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